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08/08/2019 - DUTCH TV


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Bologna is a unique and unrepeatable city

The strength of its past is projected towards the future. Bologna is distinguished by  a wealth and social initiative for the dynamic interplay between modern and traditional cultures. There are many points of view looking at Bologna, but it always remains a single city. Heterogeneous and deeply rooted in its values.


The City

Whoever enters the city feels like they have stepped into another era, an ancient past .Bologna still retains many characteristics, colours, monuments and palaces, names of streets, arcades, over 40 km of Romanesque, Gothic wooden houses of over 300 years old and to those of more modern and picturesque homes. The city offers an anthology of great architectural and seductive effect. The towers are a first example; not only the torre degli Asinelli and the Garisenda, which dominate the Center, but all the outposts, which… now have become offices, restaurants or monuments. Once a symbol of power, today they are an icon of the city, making it a  unique and mysterious city.


The University

Here was born the oldest university in Europe. In 1088  it was founded “LO STUDIO” as a school of law. A few years later it turned into a center of study for all disciplines and the still today it maintains a cultural role in Bologna. The University continues to be popular with both Italian and foreign students. There are famous professors and lecturers and is a focus of new ideas and cultural discussions.


Gastronomy.Art and science of good eating)

Bologna as well as “La Dotta " ( the learned one )  " Bologna has always been called “La grassa” (the fat) for its exquisite gastronomic tradition. Testimony of a pleasure of the palate that renowns itself for the delicious tortellini in brodo, modelled according to the "Secchia rapita" from  Tassoni, on the shape of the navel of Venus .The noodles, often flavored with  ragù (ragù, stating that the most typical dish is "tagliatelle al ragù”,  while the "spaghetti sauce" does not have a good reputation here!).It was  inspired by the long and blonde hair of Lucrezia Borgia. Also the famous mortadella, known throughout the world with the name of "Bologna". The vocation of “Good Life” is sublimated in famous osterie (by mentioning the “Osteria del Sole” one of the oldest Inns of Italy, opened in 1465) where the local people together welcomed guests to stay up late between a glass of wine and a speciality of the House. In our restaurant  enjoy specialities from Bologna.


Bologna offers a wide range of facets to those who want to know, waiting to be discovered.


The Centro Turistico città di Bologna has the most important quality certifications


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